hey, thanks guys…..

To the bloggers I follow, most of them little fish in this pond…

I admire the way you can put down exactly how you feel, what you are experiencing, your perspectives…..

I came here to do that, but for me, when I most need to talk something out is when I least have the mental energy to do it… even though I stay anonymous..

I do a lot more reading than posting.

And so often I find the words of others that really resonate… somebody who was able to put pen to paper at the time I would be staring at a blinking cursor trying to make a start…

And it’s so much more respectful here than that other huge social platform I thankfully ditched…. so thanks all.


  1. vaniheart says:

    Agreed šŸ‘
    I love reading post here too ā¤

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  2. I find the same my friend šŸ‘šŸ–¤

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