My quiet and beautiful Christmas day.

This Xmas was always going to be low key, and that’s ok. Most of my family is spread far and wide (in Australia) and travel is no simple thing these days…..

The plan was to work the morning shift ( residential aged care), come home, spend an hour or two with my lady, until she heads off to work the afternoon shift……then have Xmas lunch at my brother’s, joined by Mum. We all live in the same small town.

That all changed yesterday though… My brother has had family staying for a few days, and we found out they are close contacts of cases…. So they’re all off for testing, and in my line of work, I just don’t wanna put the residents under my care at risk. So I didn’t go to my brother’s.

So it’s just me and the dog, it’s been the quietest Xmas…..

But I had a lovely shift at work. We were short staffed (again) and I stayed back as long as I could… There goes time with my girl…..But my residents made me feel so appreciated, I worked most of my shift with shiny eyes…..

This one old fella, (whom I’ve known my whole life, small town…) called me back into his room after I’d showered him and delivered his breakfast. He stood up from his chair (not an easy thing to do) and reached out to shake my hand. He thanked me so sincerely for the care I give him, and told me I give 110%. Then he burst into tears and pulled me in for a hug. I of course lost it and burst into tears as well.

It was beautiful. That was my present.

Peace and love, to all.


  1. ohhh bless you kind person!πŸ€—πŸ€—

    is just me and my dog for christmas also

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  2. leannecaruso says:

    I love this.

    Love working elderly care myself. Moments like this make it worthwhile.
    Merry christmas to you

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    1. And merry Christmas to you too… The job is my passion, exhausting, draining, so rewarding….


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