Working in aged care…

It was my choice to take a pay cut and go back into aged care. Been out of it for a few years, and I missed it, and there has been a staffing crisis for years.. I’ve been back in the game for about 10 months now

I’ve always said residential aged care is both the most stressful and rewarding job I’ve done… But it’s different now.

Constantly working short staffed. Pushing to deliver a minimum standard of care. High turnover rates, with the best staff being pushed hard till they break.

I’ve worked too many shifts lately with colleagues in tears, has been me too… In my section, which is heavy, I work with some beautiful people, and we care so much for our residents. But so many carers are breaking, or broken, and I don’t know how long I can do it.

But who else will? Something has to change. Our oldies deserve the best care we can give them. I want to finish my shifts feeling like I’ve been able to deliver that.

Shout out to the aged care workers out there. Be proud , take care of you. You’re all part angel.


  1. Terveen Gill says:

    It really must be so tough and at times discouraging. You and your colleagues are doing a great job. I hope the elderly get the care they need and deserve.

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    1. Thanks, hopefully we see changes for the better..

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