Think,type, read, backspace…

So I think about the thoughts that I might blurt out. Those first few, reactive thoughts that might reveal so much….

But reading my thoughts as I type them, I struggle.

Even though I feel so alone, am I ungrateful for the people I have in my life? And why do I find it so hard to contact the ones I miss the most?

Even though I’ve taken myself to the brink of financial ruin, given and borrowed to my limit, am I selfish to want an easier and more comfortable life? I know there are so many with less.

My own thoughts bounce back at me, on a slight angle, so they land at a place which is not where they came from.

Hmmm. Holds finger on backspace…..

I guess it all still serves a purpose. And as a newbie here, I’m amazed by and enjoy reading the words of others…

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