More like housemates…..

The alarm wakes me at 5:20 , I let out a quiet “fuckit” and get out of bed. The dog barely stirs, snuggles into my pillow. Ciggie, coffee, shower, go. The sun is about to rise, over the ocean, which makes for a nice drive to work. My partner and I both work in residential aged care. I work mornings, she works afternoons into the evening.

I finish my shift and get home to see my girl for at the most an hour, usually much less, as she gets ready for work. I’m asleep when she gets home, on the couch or in bed, cuddled with my dog. She sits up till the early hours, and may or may not come to bed. Just before my alarm goes off at 5:20, and I let out a quiet curse….

I miss us so much. Even on our days off together, we just don’t connect any more, not as partners, or lovers…. It’s like we’re housemates, and I’m so lonely, and I miss us….

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